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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu.  

Twenty-one years ago our founders took the initial step to provide a place for us all to belong. Since this time we have not only flourished within Theta Nu Xi, but in the many stages of our lives. These stages include Undergraduate life, singlehood, motherhood, marriage and so many more identities.

Training and workshops are an integral part of every Convention. For Convention 2018, the Convention Committee has worked hard to develop workshop sessions that focus on important chapter and individual development needs, and that play a vital role in maintaining a viable organization, strong and healthy sisters, and sisterhood.

Workshops Descriptions





Time: 8am-8:50am

Presenter: Ayumi Kunihiro, M.Ed., RN, Certified MixxedFit Instructor (Xi Eta, Summer 2011)

If you like working out, or like the idea of working out, and also like to have fun, then you're going to love MixxedFit! MixxedFit is a people-inspired dance fitness program that is a perfect blend of explosive dancing and boot camp-style toning. This high-energy class is not only fun but it will also get you fit! So if you can squat, do jumping jacks, and shake that booty, you can get MixxedFit!

Did you know... that Ayumi was born on 12/12 at 12 noon?

Girl Up

Time: 9am-9:50am

Presenter: Sunita Rao, Associate, United Nations Foundation

Building off of last year's TNX Convention, Girl Up is kicking things into high gear! In this session, you'll learn how to actively engage your Chapter and community around the issues Girl Up faces. Learn about events such as the Global 5K, activism seminars, and awareness events that you'll be able to facilitate on your campus. There is limitless potential for how your Chapter can incorporate Girl Up, so come gain some ideas for the upcoming year! All attendees will also have one-pagers, flyers, and take-home items to utilize when brainstorming and executing their events.

Did you know... Sunita is currently training for her first-ever half marathon!

Advocacy in Practice: Girl Up

Time: 10am-10:50am

Presenter: Jalyn Radziminski, BA in Linguistics and Interdisciplinary Studies with a Human Rights focus (Alpha Nu, Spring 2016)

Learn how YOU can go the distance and make an impact on your campus and community by creating coalitions through our national philanthropy, Girl Up. The Alpha Nu chapter hosted the first regional Atlanta Girl Up Leadership Summit this past year, which was a space for leaders of all ages and backgrounds to network, learn about and discuss human rights, and strategize about how to make an impact. The summit also served as a fundraiser for Girl Up's global initiatives. In this workshop, sisters will learn from Alpha Nu's experiences and engage in Q&A. Participants will also be provided resources to take action to effectively assist Girl Up in their surrounding communities at a local and international level. Finally, there will be a discussion of what future initiatives we can execute as an organization. (NOTE: This workshop is designed for both Undergraduate and GAP sisters)

Did you know... that as an academic-activist, Jalyn wrote a thesis that covered the history and global impacts of Black-Japanese relations, mixed race identity, and lost history of Japan's NAACP?

Adulting 101: How to Survive Life

Time: 11am-11:50am

Presenters: Rashida Rawls, Founder & CEO of Ra Communications, LLC (Xi Iota, 2007); Mallikah Sharp, Elementary School Teacher (Xi Iota Founder, 2004)

Life is hard. Life comes at you quickly and there's no cheat sheet to get you through. But, you have your Sorors who have lived a bit. And although they aren't dinosaurs, they've lived enough to have navigated some murky waters in their time. Come listen and share in this roundtable discussion on adulting and how to survive!

Did you know... Mallikah used to choreograph dance routines and was on her college's dance team!

Natural Hair: Ensuring All Sisters Have a Seat at the Table

Time: 1pm-1:50pm

Presenter: Tiffany Worthen, Natural Hair Specialist (Xi Theta, Fall 2006)

Let's challenge and educate sisters regarding their perceptions of naturally "textured" hair care and how they can find ways to comfortably express their crown's diversity. This presentation, which sisters will enjoy because it's outside of our normal topics, is meant to be light-hearted and empowering, and all sisters regardless of hair type can be positively impacted through engagement. The presenter will also give a historical perspective on African American hairstyling, and give sisters tips to enhance their tresses.

Did you know... one of Tiffany's favorite movies is Crooklyn?

How to Reinvent Yourself Without Reinventing the Wheel: Using Your Existing Skills to Market Yourself and Switch Careers

Time: 2pm-2:50pm

Presenter: Vianessa Castanos, Freelance Writer & Consultant (Lambda Chapter Founder, Summer 2001)

This presentation will focus on how sisters (both Undergrad and Grad/Professional) can use their existing skillsets to change industry, pursue a new position/career, or build their role within their existing organization.

Did you know... Vianessa plays Johnny Cochran's makeup artist on Episode 1 of People v. OJ Simpson on Fox!

What's Fueling the School to Prison Pipeline?

Time: 3pm-3:50pm

Presenter: Erika Strauss Chavarria, MA in Teaching, MA in International Law & Human Rights, BS in Political Science & Latin American Studies (Nu Chapter Founder, Spring 2002)

Black and Brown students are suspended and expelled 3 times more than white students for the same disciplinary offenses. And students who are suspended or expelled are 3 times more likely to then have contact with the juvenile justice system. In this presentation, we will discuss the policies and systems that lead to this disproportionate disciplining for the same infractions committed by their white counterparts in what is commonly known as the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and the principles of Restorative Justice as a possible way of restoring hope, healing, and justice.

Did you know... that Erika lived in Costa Rica for 5 years?

Hazing: Lessons of Power and Privilege

Time: 4pm-4:50pm

Presenter: Jazmin A. Peralta, Assistant Director for Equity & Inclusion, Title IX Deputy, Pratt Institute. MS in Higher Education, Student Affairs (Lambda Chapter, Spring 2010)

This workshop aims to examine how we as an organization choose to live out our values and how our members can continue to practice safe and inclusive new member intake practices. We will discuss how these practices contribute to the larger understanding of how Greek-lettered organizations function in institutions of higher learning, and how they contribute to our institution's objective of creating safe, inclusive, welcoming spaces for all members.

Did you know... Jazmin and her grandmother, mother, and daughter all share the same middle name. It's a family tradition!


Just Breathe

Time: 8am-9:15am

Presenters: Saidia Murphy, Occupational Therapist & Kemetic Yoga Instructor; Rashida Rawls, Founder & CEO of Ra Communications, LLC (Xi Iota, 2007)

Do you feel stressed out? Ever have feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed? Does work, life, and social obligations have you feeling exhausted? "Just Breathe" is a program designed to help you center yourself, release negative energy and inhale positive energy -- allowing you to face the world with a renewed spirit!

Did you know... that Rashida is a poet, author, and musician whose name has appeared in movie credits ("The Start of Dreams")?

Is This Our Sisterhood? An Anti-Oppressive Approach to Multiculturalism in TNX

Time: 9:25am-10:40am

Presenters: The Gender Justice Working Group

This workshop serves as a space for open and honest dialogue about how TNX engages in oppression as a sisterhood at the intersection of our lived experiences and identity politics. It aims to illustrate ways to combat oppression, create an anti-oppressive sisterhood, and participate in restorative justice. Sisters will leave this interactive workshop with concrete practices and intentions that work to analyze our systemic and individual structures and approaches to privilege and oppression.

Improvising for Improvement: Leadership Through Creative Collaboration

Time: 10:50am-12:05pm

Presenter: Sarah Ammar, Communications and Performing Arts Professional (with assistance from Tanya Arditi Saavedra, Xi Gamma, Spring 2010)

Leadership development is mean to expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles, whether those roles are formal or informal. Leaders are those who facilitate the execution of organizational strategy and achievement of goals by not only delivering but also developing the capabilities of others to deliver. With this in mind, through a variety of improv exercises, participants of this program will be introduced to the art of improvisation as a tool to develop leadership skills like fostering collaboration, listening, idea-sharing, and contribution, while at the same time increasing confidence and public speaking skills. Whether introverted or extroverted, Undergraduate or Grad/Professional, and at any state of life, participants will tap into their inner creator through the art of improvisation to cultivate collaboration, remove fear and hesitation from the creative process, and increase their overall confidence -- at home, at work, and elsewhere.

Did you know... in High School, Sarah was voted most likely to be President AND most likely to be on SNL, foreshadowing a life where politics, policy, and performing all share the stage.

Women and Wealth

Time: 12:45pm-2pm

Presenters: Monique McDonald, MA in Accounting and Financial Management Life (Delta, 2006); Erica Moore, Regional Vice President at Five Ring Financial, fully licensed Personal Finance agent

For this presentation, the facilitators will take an education-based approached to money by teaching women about their money instead of telling them what to do with it. The presenters' goal is to help every woman protect and grow her income as she builds a safe and reliable retirement. Hopefully each attendee will feel empowered and educated about her current and future financial outlook -- knowing her options makes for a confident, wealth-building woman.

Did you know... Monique is an extreme couponer who's part of a couponing group that goes grocery shopping together, and since she was raised by a Korean nanny, Erica understood Korean very well despite not speaking the language.

Undergraduate Panel: ONE Vision. ONE Life. ONE Love.

Time: 2:10pm-3:25pm

Moderator: Tanisha Yorrick

Panelists: Natalia Correa, Undergraduate Student Advocate (Lambda, Spring 2015); Krystal Shephard, FGCU Graduate Student (Alpha Mu, Spring 2015); Tyroncia Ward, Howard Graduate Student (Alpha Mu, Spring 2015)

This interactive program will encourage Undergraduate sisters to get to know women outside of their respective chapters and foster bonds to bridge the gaps. Ice breakers and various topics will facilitate dialogue amongst the Undergraduate attendees. This program aims to establish a foundation to create meaningful connections and unite us all as ONE. The panelists believe this topic is extremely important because as Undergraduate members, we often forget that beyond our chapters there is a whole sisterhood, and it's important to bridge these gaps within our sisterhood to empower sisters to support one another, collaborate to create sustainable programming and change within the organization, their respective campuses and communities at large, and to promote the mission of Theta Nu Xi as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Did you know... Natalia wants to start her own foundation to provide academic mentoring and scholarship opportunities for students in need; that Krystal is addicted to Strawberry Acai Refreshers and Beyonce; and Tyroncia's favorite color is lemon yellow!

Stroll Me What You're Working With

Time: 3:35pm-4:50pm

Presenters: Katelyn G. Lauber (Alpha Omicron, Spring 2016); Chanel M. Friday (Alpha Omicron, Spring 2016)

During this session, the presenters will teach a stroll step-by-step to a song rooted in Chicago, for sisters from across the nation to feel united and to acquire a new stroll to take home to their chapters. The presenters will also suggest helpful hints to empower sisters to create their own strolls, and will go over ways sisters can share existing strolls with other chapters and sisters via OrgSync -- while stressing the importance of respecting everyONE's strolls by not changing or modifying them. The program will strengthen bonds within our sisterhood outside of our respective chapters and regions as a way to deepen our bonds nationally.

Did you know... Katelyn is a fashion model, and Chanel has been shark cage diving!