Programming & Events

Our annual convention will provide a mix of traditional and new programming and events designed to meet the needs of our membership and move the Sorority forward.

Training and workshops are an integral part of every Convention. For Convention 2017, the Convention Committee will be developing workshop sessions that focus on important chapter and individual development needs, and that will play a vital role in maintaining a viable organization and sisterhood. 

This is an example of the programs from last year's Convention:


Program Title:  Activism 101: A Butterfly’s Guide to Social Justice

Program Description: This program is designed to educate sisters in surrounding social justice and social change. We want to contribute and skill our sisterhood to assist with national efforts continue to impact the campuses and communities we belong to.

Presenters: Jessica Peñaranda and Amanda Leonard Pohl


Program Title: Sisterhood not Cis-terhood: What is Transgender Inclusivity?

Program Description: The Gender Justice Working group aims to use this space to continue to educate our membership on transgender issues as well as provide basic 101 transgender education. This will be a brave space where participants can engage in dialogue around some of the challenges, concerns, and barriers to transgender membership.

Presenter: Diamond Delancy


Program Title: Mental Health and the Dean/Aspirant Relationship

Program Description: This presentation will explore the most common mental health diagnoses affecting women of color and offer treatments and strategies to treat these diagnoses. Additionally, deans will be equipped with basic knowledge in regards to common symptoms for mental health diagnoses as well as how to adjust the process for any aspirants who disclose any mental health conditions. Deans will also be given suggestions on how to advocate for their aspirants' mental health. Resources will also be provided for attendees. 

Presenters: Kennetha Frye, PhD, LP, LSSP, HSP and Jessica Cintron, PhD, LSSP


Program Title: BySTANDer Revolution: The POWER of ONE

Program Description: This program is designed to help start a open dialogue within the membership about hazing prevention and the responsibility that lies within  the organization to hold sisters accountable while continuing to support each other in our endeavors to change the organization for the better.

Presenter: Jazmin Armstrong


Program Title: How to Plan Successful Programming and Events

Program Description: Have you had problems with programming? Is your programming not up to the level you wish that it would be? Do you have low attendance? Or, do you wish different people attended? This workshop will cover the basics of effective program planning and will aim to address those concerning issues you haven't quite been able to solve!

Presenter: Katherine Gipson-McLean


Program Title: Your "TNX" Identity: Discovering or Rediscovering Our Purpose for Sisterhood

Program Description: The purpose of this workshop is to create a safe space for sisters to frame and define their personal identity and contribution to the larger organization.  Within this safe space, sisters will engage in discussion and create a mini identity board about their personal commitment and connection to Theta Nu Xi, as well as the obstacles/benefits of being in a diverse sisterhood.  

Presenter: LaTasha Golden


Program Title: "Diversity Within: Addressing the Individuality in our Sisterhood"

Program Description:  This interactive program seeks to identify the characteristics that each individual sister brings to the organization along with the pros and cons of it.  How this dynamic is currently addressed in, the sisterhood will be discussed as well as areas of needed improvement.  Solutions will be brainstormed and a structure will be put in place in order that the work may be continued in home chapters.

Presenter: Kimberly Warren 


Program Title: "Venture Beyond The Lavender Dawn": Bridging the Gaps in Our World

Program Description: Monika King based on her experiences traveling to various International Destinations such as: Milan, Paris, London, Seoul, Johannesburg and Cape Town. In this presentation, “Venture Beyond the Lavender Dawn”: Bridging the Gaps in Our World, You will learn tips to get the best deals for your money, ways to heighten your international awareness through cultural submersion, and how to focus on self-improvement by exploration through solo travel.

Presenter: Monika King


Program Title: Mobilizing our Sisterhood: A Call to Action

Program Description: The purpose of this weekend-long convention activity is to engage our membership toward a united goal of improving and strengthening our sisterhood and organization where we are empowered to jointly lead the change and action together. Open Space Technology is a tool of purpose driven leadership that facilitates a much needed space for meaningful and intentional conversations that is lead by participants and breaks down the power dynamics and traditional facilitation/workshop style by placing the power back in the hands of the larger community and creates meaningful outcomes of complexity, diversity, urgency for action and change, and addresses real or potential conflict. Our goals are to center the conversations that matter most to our sisters, are lead by the membership, and where as a community of sisters we work on creating action plans and change to our issues/concerns as ONE!

Presenters: Jessica Peñaranda and Amanda Tomchak


Program Title: ONE body, ONE life

Program Description: Join your sisters as we explore small but meaningful habits you can adopt in order to live a healthier life and develop a healthier body image. Warning: You may have to re-evaluate your perspective on diet and exercise. We will end the session with a fun and energizing workout.

Presenter: Phyliss Flanagan-Cox


Program Title: Butterfly Mail Station

Program Description: To create a butterfly mail station/stand where sisters will make and prepare butterfly mail that would be sent out to sisters after the convention. This will directly help the national theme and providing sisters with a way to continue to REINVEST. We will give sisters an opportunity to start convention weekend and make those connections needed in order to repair and strengthen our bonds. Bring your own postage or mail from home!

Presenter: Lauren Merikas


For this year's service project we will be donating to Women In Distress. We will be hosting a donation drive and you can see the list of acceptable items here.

If you're unable to bring items in person, we will also be accepting monetary donations through PayPal to (PLEASE NOTE: When submitting the donation, don't forget to mention in the comments section that the funds are for the convention service project so that it can be allocated appropriately.)

If you have any questions, please email the Convention Committee at

About Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc.:

To stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.

Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. was founded by Edee Greene and a group of concerned citizens in July of 1974. Initially, Women In Distress served as Broward County’s first refuge for homeless women in a modest four-bedroom home until a local tragedy brought light to the need for shelter for women and children in danger. Shortly thereafter, the agency’s founders were able to purchase a 54-bed shelter with generous contributions from Dr. Kona and Ruth Simon, and Walter and Peg Griffith, later expanding to 62 beds with a gift of a second 8-bed shelter from Lorraine Thomas. Women In Distress was now able to offer crisis shelter and support to victims of domestic violence and their children.

In November 1995, the doors of the Jim & Jan Moran Family Center opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Family Center instantly increased our visibility, accessibility and capacity to serve more families. In 1999, Janet A. Boyle established a $1 million endowment for Women In Distress in an effort to help ensure the future operations of the organization. Mrs. Boyle’s generosity has established a legacy benefiting Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc., its participants and employees for future generations.

Today, Women In Distress has expanded again in order to meet the increased needs for emergency shelter and services. In the Summer of 2011, the new Women In Distress Jim & Jan Moran Family Center opened its doors to the community. The new center allowed for the agency to double its emergency shelter and outreach services as well as offer new enhancements including a special population wing for families with special needs and a Broward Sheriff’s Substation.

Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. is the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full service domestic violence center serving Broward County. This means that The Council on Accreditation (COA) has verified that Women In Distress consistently operates with integrity, credibility and the utmost level of quality. The accreditation process takes place every four years. Women In Distress participates in a detailed review and analysis of the administrative operations and service delivery against national standards of best practice.